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Four in Ten (39%) American Small Business Owners Have No Policy For Storing and Disposing of Confidential Paper Files

New York, New York – While mobile and digital office tools continue to evolve, many still rely on paper documents, potentially exposing them to information security risks. A new Ipsos poll for Shred-It reveals that four in ten (39%) American small business owners (SBOs) lack any sort of policy for managing their confidential paper. Further,…

Canada is Destination of Choice for Canadian Travellers during 150th Birthday Year as Six in Ten (60%) will Travel Domestically this Year

Toronto, ON – Eight in ten Canadians (79%) plan on travelling this year, and for most Canada itself is the destination during its sesquicentennial. A new Ipsos poll for RBC Insurance finds that six in ten Canadians (60%) intend to travel somewhere within Canada this year, whether it’s exploring their home province (41%) or elsewhere…

Are Facebook and Instagram taking a Labor Day break? Users report downtime worldwide

Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform, and subsidiary Instagram are taking some holiday breaks on Labor Day. As of this writing, Facebook and Instagram were facing over 30 minutes of downtime with Twitter users taking to their feeds to share their noticing as well. Users internationally also reported simultaneous reports of massive WhatsApp outages. If you’re…

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